Disney Cruise Line: Cruising for kids

A Disney Cruise Line holiday is meant for those families who want to play together in different ways. Daily from 9 am to midnight, it features endless fun for all age groups, especially kids with its one fully dedicated deck. Those in the age group of 3 to 7, experience the enchantment at the Disney’s Oceaneer Club, while those between 8 and 12 discover the universe in the lab of the same name. For teens, a private hideaway is the New York-way coffeehouse where they can party and make new friends. Due to each dedicated highlight for each age group, parents can have their own fun ranging from reclining at dedicated pool zone to cooking illustrations.

The 12-year Disney Cruise Line always has attracted families with its perfect blend of Walt Disney resort’s magic and the tempting sea itinerary. Offering traditional shipboard programs with a chance to meet the favorite Disney characters, this one is certainly an irresistible highlight. Your Disney cruise starts prior to boarding the ship if you utilize bus transfers from Walt Disney or the Orlando airport. A glossy orientation video mesmerizes one and all for the first gaze at the ship. Those who already have included a pre-cruise stay impeccably witness their cruise check-in prior to their leaving the resort, while the rest encounter the check-in procedure at the Port Canaveral terminal dedicated to Disney.

As you are in the queue to board, make your kids see the carved model of a Disney ship. Also, divert their attention to the floor where a map of the Bahamas and Caribbean is tucked. And then, you enter into the world of shipboard entertainment that is stuffed with the famous themes and characters of Disney. Both kids and parents in no time get actively indulged in the production shows, deck parties, movies, dancing in the family nightclub, and live character meetings. For teens, there exists a supervised club prohibited for the adults in the fake funnel. This is their hub of activities and parties. Totally for the adults are the lounges featuring theme parties, live music, comedy, dancing, game shows, wine-tasting sessions, behind the scenes sessions on animation, culinary arts, and home-based illustrations. For great family interaction in case the child likes to stay together, there are main stage shows, family game shows, selected shore excursions, and Castaway Cay that is the private island of the Disney in Bahamas offering a pier for suitable dockside landing.

The famous attractions like the Oceaneer Lab as well as Club are open daily from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm for the entire families so that they can have fun. However, they are closed when it is the embarkation evening. These are the only sites on the deck where parents or guardians can stay with their children at any time.

To the forward funnel is the attached giant LED screen that allows all passengers to watch special broadcasts as well as movies while reclining in the family pool zone. All those who are on the Disney Wonder ship, the Disney Cruise Line is a three- or four-night postponement of joy and thrill. On the other hand, the Disney Magic ship is a typical seven-night cruise. All Caribbean as well as Bahamas cruises halt at the Castaway Cay.

Besides the two Disney Cruise Line ships, you will feel proud in welcoming the third wonder called the Disney Dream that will be launched in January 2011. You can expect a few new features, more adult-only areas, and better kids’ and teen zones or programs. If you just log on to the Disney Cruise Line or Disney Web site, you will find about the discounted offers along with full information on food, new models, as well as activities.

One of the most admirable offers of the Disney Cruise Line is that parents are allowed to make a request for any kind of alterations in the programs for some time during their cruising journey. However, the staff’s ability to execute it will be actually based on the requirements of the child, the availability of counselors, program’s aim, and other applicable factors. In short, there is no promise from the Disney Cruise staff that your special requests will be incorporated. If they are special, you need to make them before sailing and that too via the Disney Cruise Line Special Reservations coordinator.

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