Hanging out in Haulover

Miami is an amazing place to be in for the ultimate beach lovers. There are a number of beaches in the city and the nightlife is simply amazing. One of the most interesting beaches in Miami is the Haulover Beach.

The Haulover Beach is known as the nude beach in Miami. This beach is a regional park which is owned and managed by the Miami- Dade county in Florida. This beach is located near the barrier island which is between the Atlantic Sea and the Biscayne Bay.

The Haulover beach is a 1.5 mile long beach. The northern shoreline is considered to be the optional clothing or the nude beach. This site is now officially recognized and approved by the Government of Miami- Dade county.
Activities to do at the Beach

There are several activities which one can do at the beach. There are some amazing things which you can do at the beach. Paragliding, parasailing, jet skiing and banana boat rides are some of the rides which you can go in for.

Other activities

Other than these, there are some more things which you can do at Haulover Beach. Shopping, dining at some of the finest places are some of the best things which you can do there.

There are great places to stay at Haulover. There are a number of resorts, lodges and hotels in the area. These are the best places where you can stay, since having an access to the beach and other attractions to the city is convenient.

At Miami, you can find amazing mouth watering cuisines. The local seafood is absolutely great. Apart from those, there are a couple of places near the beach where you can gorge on some local stuff.
Places to go around in Miami

There are some great places where you can visit in Miami. Apart from the beaches there, there are amazing places to go. Seaworld, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a historic landmark in Miami. This place is a must visit for those who are simply interested in reviewing the history of the place. Matheson Hammock Park Beach is another amazing place where you can head to.

These are some of the interesting places where you can visit in Miami and Haulover Beach

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