Kumarakom – Where Angels Land on Earth

If you are in love, then you should be in love with Kerala, God’s Own Land. This Indian State sets one’s heart racing as it unfolds its indisputable beauty. Such is the case with Kumarakom, which is ideal as a romantic getaway.

Set amidst the backwaters in Kerala with Lake Vembanad forming a perfect background, this place has beautiful greenery. The pristine ambience and the lovely expanse of mangroves here ensures that the trip is initiated with dollops of Mother Nature’s blessings. Coupled with it the presence of the bird sanctuary here as also the wide range of freshwater animals, the mood just sets in as required.

With the luscious coconut palms swaying in the horizon, and with the banana, jackfruit and mango trees dominating the greenery, this is a mini paradise tucked away in a canopy of other lovely flowering plants and flowing water canals across the River Meenachil.

After the romantic mood has set in and one has enjoyed the natural scenic beauty and the idyllic surroundings, one can get ready to spend the next part of the holiday watching the houseboats idly lolling about in the sea. If you are sensible enough then you would have your romantic escapade during the time of the Annual Boat Race which is predominantly famous here.

Accessible by air with the Cochin Airport nearby and also by rail with Kottayam as the nearest railway station, this place is adventurously accessible by boat from the Muhamma to the jetty at Kumarakom.

It is these very reasons that make Kumarakom an ideal romantic spot as the backwaters here ensure that there are facilities for the yachting services to be activated and also the luxury boats here which give the romantic vacation a perfect topping with the lovely panoramic views from the cruises organized. A couple could also get cozy on the canoe trips which are available on a two hourly trip basis.

There are a number of resorts in Kumarakom which offer the best facilities for stay and also total convenience with spas. Alfred George Baker is famous here as he is the one who built a Victorian bungalow here in 1881 which today is the greatly popular Taj Garden Retreat.

If you are a voracious reader then you would read more about this romantic haven in her book “The God of Small Things” where she has portrayed the Aymanam village near Kumarakom.

With the sound of the swishing waters of the lake and the lazily rolling house boats providing the perfect setting for a memorable romance, the sun set here is a sight to behold and no amount of capturing it in camera would equal the actual feeling one goes through. The clear skies and the intermittent rain during the rainy season ensures that there is enough to remember for a lifetime .

This is thus one spot that is a perfect paradise for romantically inclined people.

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