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The ultimate guide to renting an apartment in Dubai

Have you found a new job in Dubai and wish to relocate to this city within a short period? Then there are plenty of furnished apartments where you can simply pack your bags and move in without worrying about furnishing the house. Are you looking to move to a spacious apartment to move along with your family, closer to your place of work? There are plenty of huge apartments situated in gated communities that come loaded with amenities. For all such diverse needs visit fazwaz.ae for the latest listings of apartments for rent. Renting an apartment in Dubai is very easy.But renting a home that perfectly fits within your requirements is what really matters. One trend that we have noticed in recent times is that there has been a surge in the number of compact homes available in Dubai. These are homes that are rent friendly and perfect for those who are looking to save on their budget. Irrespective of the size of the apartment you choose here are a few points to look into before you make your final decision on your rental apartment.

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Choose a suitable neighborhood

When it comes to safety and the facilities nearly all the neighborhoods here are known to offer these benefits. Your choices could be shortlisted based on the specific factors like office location, the location of the shortlisted schools and so on. Remember that roads in Dubai are crowded all the time. Getting from your office to your home might take longer than you predict. Instead of judging roughly, measure the actual time taken on the busiest days and then take a call on choosing the most suitable neighborhood. The location you pick also influences the number of options available when it comes to furnished apartments.

Annual rent structure

The one thing that is new to most of the expats in Dubai is the rent structure in Dubai. Most of the apartments might charge annual rent. So you might have to pay a whole year’s rent upfront. The terms and conditions about the refund of the amount if you choose to leave the apartment before completion of one year might vary from one apartment to another. Make sure that you read all these terms before you sign the tenancy contract. This gives you one more reason to take your time in finalizing the location and the apartment so that you would not change your mind at least for a year.

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Reserving and closing the deal

Before you close the deal, negotiate with the landlord for the rent. There are various tactics that tenants use in order to bargain for a lower rent. One common option is to use fewer checks to pay the rent and there are many other such ways to do it. After negotiation deposit a refundable amount in order to reserve the apartment while you complete the paperwork. Make sure that you thoroughly scrutinize the tenancy contract and then finally sign it to complete the process. From the beginning of the process make sure that you document every transaction that takes place, for your future references.

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