Thrissur Pooram – When elephants dance to your tune

Thrissur Pooram – Yes this is the festival in God’s Own Land Kerala. This is a festival that finds great mention in the history of Thrissur a lovely city in Kerala in India. Actually the name of a Hindu star, Pooram is a festival that is celebrated to have more success and prosperity.

It is known as the festival of festivals. It is the biggest festival in the whole of the state of Kerala. Celebrated in the Malayalam month Medam, and the English month April or May, and has Thrissur, the lovely town in Kerala hosting the fanfare . The festival goes on for around 3 days and the congregation of man and elephants here is seen to be believed. The elephants are decorated richly here and the whole world today recognizes this festival as a very important part of culture. The day of pooram starts with 50 and more elephants passing through the city of Thrissur and the neighboring temple Vadakkunathan temple. The decorations on the elephant backs make them look greatly attractive and the bells, the brocade, the atmosphere and the celebration all ensure that you feel you have the time of your life. The sound of the drums is the main feature of this festival and the place resonates with the rhythmatic beating of the drums and the bugles. The drum show is called the panchavadhyam and the whole spectacle is one that you would cherish forever.

Thrissur Pooram has the history of around more than two centuries old. Sakthan Thampuran is the person who is believed to have started these festivals and augmented the beginning of the biggest of festivals in this part of India. Sakthan Thampuran unified all the temples around Vadakkunathan temple and got the fair organized. He divided the temples into east and west. The Western group of temple had the Thiruvambady temple as the main temple. The eastern Group had Paramekkavu temple as its main temple. Sakthan Tampuran laid down the schedule for the Pooram.

Thrissur Pooram is a celebrated fare in this town and the venue is the Vadakkunathan Temple which is located on top of a hill. This venue is in the middle of the Thrissur city and has great processions on the day with the elephants all decked up. There are lot of percussion instruments which are played at this time, and the display of these processions from the Thiruvambady temple and the Paramekkavau temple is something to be seen and experienced.

The Vadakkunathan temple is a plain audience but contributes by giving the premises for the great function and festival. The fireworks for the festival start in the wee hours of the m morning and the people get totally dazzled by the display. The grandeur and the pomp associated with the festival is only to be experienced and you will feel great and will remember it forever. The groups are allowed to show their maximum specified 15 elephants in fully glory.

So just get geared to listen to the Panchavadhyam – the melodious drum beats and see the Thrissur Pooram.

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