5 Easy Tips To Stay In Paris Without Breaking The Bank

Paris is known as the City of Light and is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Although its worthy of its reputation, getting in the City of Light is expensive, even if you’re staying for just a few days. There are ways to visit the city even without breaking the bank. Here are five tips you can do to make your stay worthwhile. 

1.   Be Updated On Discounted Flights

Transportation going to be one of your biggest expenses when visiting in Paris. Flights from Atlanta to Paris usually starts at $700 price point. Other cities or state that is farther from Paris will be even more expensive. But if you’re lucky, you can get a discounted flight as low as $400 during massive sales from airlines.

2.   Know Your Transportation Options

After getting cheap flights to France, its time to check on the best way to move around the city.

For tourists, the best options are buying the Metro Pass which starts at $16 or €14. If you’ll have multiple destinations from the different zones, you can buy metro tickets in bulk and then supplement it by walking your route.



3.   Eat “Outside”

A lot of tourists want to go to Paris, but its still just a small city. Space is very expensive, especially if you’re staying in establishments. When eating out, instead of staying in a restaurant, you might want to consider eating at a bar. Another option is to take out food from local establishments and eat on spaces in a free picnic park.

4.   Use Airbnb Instead Of Hotels

The same logic goes with hotel accommodations. Instead of booking in a hotel, most tourists recommend booking in an available Airbnb listing. If you’re really in a tight budget, consider getting budget hotels near Montmartre and in the Voltaire area. Take note that staying near Paris city center would be more expensive.

5.   There Are Free Activities

There are, indeed, free things that you can do while you’re in Paris. Notre Dame Cathedral used to be one of the best free destinations in the city. But due to the terrible fire this 2019, it was not available to the public. Still, destinations such as the Trocadero Square, Parc Du Champ De Mar, and the Basilica Du Sacre-Coeur are available to visit free of charge.


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