Best US Vacation Destinations for Nature-Lovers

The idea of getting away from it all is something that appeals to the best of us. After spending 50 weeks of the year working a regular job, arguing with the family, and just trying to find a few moments for ourselves, we’re more than ready to spend a few days or weeks away from the normal. By vacationing in a location that gives you a chance to commune with nature, you can make your trip even more relaxing. There are dozens, if not hundreds of places where you can head on your trip, but there are a few places that offer a little more nature than others.

The first is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This park is located in Tennessee, very close to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. You can easily spend a few days at the local attractions, or spend your entire vacation in the Park. The Park offers three different types of camping for those that truly want a nature filled getaway. They offer horse camps for those with horses or those who choose to rent a horse, and front country camping with bathrooms and running water.

The best way to truly commune with nature at this Park is to try the backcountry camping. This is your chance to hike several miles into the wilderness with just the pack on your back for help. You won’t find any indoor plumbing out here, or even a roof over your head unless you bring along a tent. You will find the chance to hike along 700 miles of trails, and see some of the most gorgeous views in the country. Remember too that you can stay in one of the neighboring towns, if you feel the need to grab a few Z’s in a real bed at night.

Yosemite is another place where you can have a nature filled getaway. Here you can choose to camp out in the park, or visit during the day and stay in a hotel at night. Yosemite is home to El Capitan, a 3,000 foot natural granite rock formation that is simply breathtaking. Even if you don’t feel like climbing to the top, the site alone will take your breath away. If you plan on visiting during the summer, you should also consider looking into white water rafting tours. After a few hours of fighting the rapids, you’ll forget all about those problems back home.

Camping under the stars, and hitting the rapids might just be the best way to get away from it all, and have a nature filled vacation.

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