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Cat Skiing at Niseko Weiss

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Niseko Weiss Powder Cats

Imagine having your own private mountain

Claim the entire mountain for you and your closest friends or family. WEISS cat skiing is a showcase for Niseko’s world-famous champagne powder. Long, deep runs through both meadows and forest, Mt. Weiss is a true introduction to the Niseko backcountry. Join a group of other powder-lovers, or hire the entire cat to give your family the perfect introduction to powder and the backcountry.

During your time cat skiing at Niseko Weiss you will complete an average of 6-7 runs in one tour. The steepest run is 30+ degrees and the average is 20 degrees. The maximum vertical descent is 450 metres. The CAT has a specially-made cabin that can fit up to 12 guests, keeping you warm during the ride up.

Niseko Weiss Powder Cats will operate one tour per day. The tour will either be a group tour with 12 individual seats available or a private tour. Guests booking a private tour can have up to 12 guests in your group. Lunch is included.

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Weiss Cat Assist Backcountry Tour

Guests and guide will go up to Weiss top by cat then ski/ride down and skin up backside of Mt. Weiss where NWPC will not use for the tour. For backcountry beginners, we can offer BC clinic in this field, which includes backcountry safety knowledge, skin up training, route finding, and avalanche awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I bring with me?

We recommend you bring the following items;

  • Facemask & neck warmer – We recommend that you wear or carry a facemask and neck warmer
  • Gloves – Please choose warm and well fitting gloves
  • Ski poles – Poles with powder baskets are recommended
  • Skiwear – We recommend guests bring an extra pair of inner-layers as the temperature may change suddenly
  • Helmet – Helmets save lives. Helmets prevent injury when falling or crashing, and even protect from wayward tree branches. We strongly recommend all guests wear helmets.
  • Goggles & sunglasses – There will be no hike-up on our CAT tour so a pair of sunglasses is not necessary. It’s recommended you bring along a spare set of goggles.
  • Sports Camera – You are more than welcome to bring these along with you. Share your powder day with friends and family!

All safety equipment is provided. Bags and/or backpacks with snacks, drinks, cameras etc can be kept in the snow CAT during the tour.

Are powder skis or snowboards a must?

NISEKO WEISS POWDER CATS is a tour that rides Niseko’s world famous powder all day long. We strongly recommend the usage of powder skis/snowboards.

Talk to our friendly staff for advice and more information on powder skis/snowboards.

What are the runs like?

You would be able to run an average of 6-7 runs in one tour. The steepest run is around 30 degrees and an average would be 20 degrees. The maximum vertical descent is around 450 meters.

Though the amount and quality of snow in Niseko is magnificent, the altitude is not high so there are no worries of thin air. The CAT base, where the tour would begin, is located 450 meters above sea level and the peak drop-off is 930 meters above sea level.

When is the best time for powder in Niseko?

Niseko’s winter season runs from late November to Early May; the peak powder period is typically from mid January until the end of February, although this varies every season. In March, it starts to get a little difficult to find fresh powder in the Niseko ski areas as there are so many guests sharing the same ski area. However at Mt. Weisshorn, the whole mountain is used by exclusively by cat skiing guests allowing access to fresh snow even in early to mid March.

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