Romantic Getaways in Michigan – Saugatuck

Michigan is arguably the Midwest at its best. With the Great Lakes bestowing a plethora of pristine freshwater beaches and along with it top notch fishing conditions and water sports, the state is most visited for its lakes. The lakes certainly form a major part of the attractions offered by Michigan, but they are not the only things on offer by the state, there are a good number of romantic getaways in Michigan that are ideal for honeymooners and couples on a holiday. There are a good number of excellent resorts that offer the best in pampering and relaxation. The great outdoors are as always extremely romantic.

Tahiti Honeymoon vacation

Tahiti, in the French Pacific is among the most popular island destinations in the world. The Islands are some of the most exotic and have an association with mystery and intrigue. The islands of Tahiti are some of the most beautiful, and there are a whole range of attractions here that make it one of the most rewarding destinations in the world. Tahiti is such a complete destination in the way that the island has almost everything that makes an island beautiful. Tahiti Honeymoon trips are becoming increasingly popular.

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