Great Vacation Destination: Belize

Want to know one of the most beautiful locations for a great vacation any time of the year? Try out the country of Belize, located just south of Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula. This is one of the most striking countries in the world, known for its natural beauty; the natives often refer to it as “mother nature’s best kept secret,” according to the tourism board. It holds picturesque weather all year round. Be careful though, it can feel very sultry to people who are used to much cooler climates. The temperature typically feels almost 90 degrees or more in the summer. While some of the natives tell that the coldest temperature that it has ever reached was 70 degrees, and to them it was so cold, they put almost three pairs of socks on just to stay warm!

The country holds many diverse areas that can even keep the most adventurous travelers busy. The country possesses great rainforests on its western and inland areas, with ancient relics of the past hidden in the jungles. Ancients such as the Mayans have temples sprinkled throughout the country, with even small shopping areas where tourists can even take home their own “piece” of history.

On the coast it holds ocean waters that are said to be the 2nd clearest in the world with only Australia ahead. The oceans just off the islands are some of the best in the world for snorkeling and diving. There is a natural sinkhole just a couple hours boat ride off the shore to the “Blue Hole.”

Belize city, the large coastal city, is not as beautiful as the small villages. When your plane lands in Belize City, you are actually landing in Ladyville, a small town near Belize City. This town is a very amazing place with even more amazing people who are so friendly, they will be happy to show you around or give you tips on local things to do before leaving the area.

Another great area to go is the islands, just a short boat taxi from Belize City. Belize resorts and hotels are reasonably priced with great nightlife and daytime activities all within walking distance. If you decide to enjoy in local foods, they have some of the tastiest foods you will find. As an inside tip, make sure you have plenty of time to eat. The locals do not tend to get in a hurry and they cook your food without rush, as quality and a stress-free atmosphere is their priority. This country has a very relaxing atmosphere and is the best place to go if you want anything from an adventurous vacation to a simple relaxing one next to some of the most gorgeous water in the world.

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