Guide to Skiing in Courchevel

For people who have a passion for skiing, one of the most popular and most visited ski resorts in the world is the Courchevel ski resort in France. The ski resort is made up of three valleys, with Courchevel making up one-third of the extensive skiing area. Formerly known by the name of Courchevel 1850, it is perfectly located at one end of the biggest skiing area in the world.

The ski resort has six different resort villages that are connected by free bus transport. The Courchevel 1859 is the biggest village in the resort. The terrain of the snowy pistes and lifts of this ski resort is great for both beginners and professional skiers alike.

Quality apartments and chalets

If you are looking for a luxury chalet Courchevel, the Courchevel 1850 is home to a good number of luxurious apartments and chalets. The Courchevel 1850 is the first ski resort in the whole of France. For people who have a strict skiing holiday budget, there has been a little bit of consideration for the middle-class category. The expensive apartments and chalets are well furnished with all the basic necessities and are in close proximity to the Geneva airport. The many bars and restaurants are also a stroll away from the apartments for people who love quality food.


Landing pads and tourist attractions

It is the most visited Alps resort by the very rich and famous, as it has the world’s largest landing area for private jets. There is also a helipad, for the rich who love making their way around in helicopters. For rich owners of apartments and chalets in any of the six resort villages, the Courchevel real estate is quite lucrative as they can either sell or rent out their luxury properties at a premium price during the peak of the winter season in February. There are a good number of gondolas for taking tourists down the ski resort pistes and uphill around the ski resort villages in three varied paths.

Family-friendly features

The Courchevel ski resort is among the best family-friendly ski resorts in the world. Couples with children can have ample time alone to enjoy the scenery as there are quality creche and childcare services available. Families who seek a relaxed home setting can visit any of the quality restaurants at Courchevel. The restaurants offer both international and local recipes.

Magic Academy

The ski resort boasts of one of the best ski schools, the Magic academy. The ski school is quite adept at training beginners, intermediates and professionals alike. The snowy pitch of Courchevel is well maintained, enabling simple educating of passionate lovers of skiing. The school also provides tutoring in the art of snowboarding as well.

The Courchevel…why not?

So, if you are looking to have a skiing holiday in Courchevel, you can stay in some of the luxury chalets in Courchevel at an affordable price, even for those who are on a strict budget. The Courchevel real estate is awash with lots of family-friendly chalets and apartments.

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