How to Dress Like a Local in Zurich

The weather in Zurich incorporates two extremes, namely humid, hot summers, and snow-filled, cold winters. As Switzerland is the proud home of the Alps, the weather is tricky as well, which means you should make sure you pack accordingly. If you wish to blend in the crowds of locals easily, and you want to ensure a comfortable stay in the city, make sure to take into account the following suggestions regarding the dress code in the Swiss city.


  • Layers, layers, layers

The weather in Switzerland is unpredictable, and it could alter dramatically in a couple of hours, which is why it’s primordial to bring clothes you could easily layer. The weather may be unusually cold, or warm, and may change through the day without prior notice, particularly if you travel from high to low altitude or vice-versa. Thus, if it’s unusually warm and you only take off your coat, if you’re too cold, all you have to do is put on a layer – it’s as simple as that.

  • Opt for environmentally friendly fabrics

This doesn’t mean you should replace your entire wardrobe with items made of organic cotton. Nonetheless, find out that the majority of locals opt for those articles of clothing, made of linen, alpaca, bamboo, and so on and so forth. The Swiss take pride in their beautiful country, and, hence, are environmentally conscious. We should take their example in this direction.

  • Dress casually

Generally speaking, Swiss tend to dress casually. Nonetheless, in such an important city such as Zurich, you can never be overdressed, as long as you consider some elements. For instance, if you’re headed to Zurich, make sure you include some fancy, classy outfits into your luggage. The Swiss prefer dark colors such as black, navy, and others, as being more elegant than bright ones. Whenever you’re in doubt, you can never go wrong with wearing an all-black, classic outfit. If you wish to go to dinner to a high-end restaurant in Zurich, or you want to go to a concert, don’t forget to add some classy clothing items as well.


  • Opt for a clean look

The Swiss have a reputation for dressing impeccably. Try not to overdo it with flashy accessories. Create a look that is equally comfortable, neat, and clean. That is the Swiss signature when it comes to dress code.

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