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Top 3 Gated Communities to Find an Apartment for Rent Hanoi

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Are you interested in moving to Hanoi but not ready to embrace a new culture yet? For the average ex-pat, Hanoi is a mix of cultures and ideologies. Blending in can be a bit challenging, but worth it. Enjoy the local culture, discover locals and the cuisine, but also explore the surroundings.

If you do not count yourself in this category, you might want to consider one of the top gated communities and complexes of Hanoi. Whether you are looking for an apartment or a flat for rent in Hanoi, you have many options in such areas.

They are more expensive, so you are likely to find wealthy Vietnamese citizens, foreigners, and even officials, politicians, and diplomats. Now, what are the top communities of this kind to find an apartment for rent Hanoi?

Top three communities to rent an apartment in Hanoi

Long Bien

Long Bien is an area of contrasts. First, you have the local spirit and a decent lifestyle surrounded by locals. Second, you have Vinhomes, a complex owned by VinGroup. You will find many flats and apartments to rent there, as well as houses – owned by various landlords and agencies.

The riverside complex is relatively new when compared to the rest of Hanoi. It is located on the southeastern side of the city. While designed as a gated community, it is not overcrowded. There is plenty of room for nature and parks.

There are multiple amenities within the community, including amusement parks, restaurants and lots of shops. It might not be easier to find a house than a Hanoi apartment for rent, but it is not impossible. Houses also have small canals in their backyards, so costs are a bit higher.


Ciputra is another premier option in Hanoi if you are after an apartment. It is in the northern part of the city center, close to the airport. There are many ex-pats and wealthy Vietnamese living there, while amenities will not disappoint – an international school, swimming pools, restaurants, shops, bakeries, spas, and so on.

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Just because you are in a gated community, it does not mean that the surroundings are unsafe – in fact, there are even more shops, markets, and restaurants outside it.

Hai Ba Trung

Located on the southern side of the city, Hai Ba Trung has its gated community too. Overall, the area is filled with locals and represents a hub for foreigners because of the rich nightlife and a multitude of restaurants and bars.

The gated community is known as Times City and mostly comprises of flats and apartments to rent in Hanoi. Locals also have access to restaurants, bakeries, shops, a small hospital, and a school. The complex is more expensive than the surroundings, though.

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Final words

In the end, finding an apartment to rent in Hanoi is not hard. If you want extra safety or security, a gated community might be the key. While there are certain conglomerates behind these places, many flats and houses are owned by agencies and private landlords, so prices and amenities vary widely – it is all a matter of research.​


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