Top Three Weird Traditions in Vienna

Vienna is an amazing city to visit, and you will not only fall in love with its architecture and its cultural heritage, but the coffee and the pastry will most definitely make its way to your heart and, hopefully, not to your tights. As you must be dying to get there already and sip some flavored coffee at some fancy cafe, while you listen to one of their classic composers, you got to make sure that you make an appointment with the best Vienna airport transfers available and get the best prices and advantages in town. Not only that you will be picked up by professional drivers and ride some of the most luxurious cars, but you will get to your destination in no time.

Viennese have their traditions, as most locals do, and before you get there it will be best for you to know the three weirdest traditions from them all.


  1. Clapping when the airplane lands

You might feel a little bit surprised when taking a flight to Vienna, having some Viennese passengers on board, and hear them clapping when the plane lands. This is basically a thing of theirs, they do it all the time and it is something that you’d better know about before travelling into this City. Actually, this is a pretty nice gesture of theirs, especially after a bumpy ride, to show appreciation for the crew who managed to transport them safely.

  1. Making jokes about dissatisfaction with life with a smile on their face

The Viennese nature is rather contradictory, in terms of life satisfaction. More exactly, they often tend to complain about how bad their life is, when they actually love life and are always doing their best to truly enjoy it. They have come to the point when locals make fun of each other for their eternal moaning, but everyone who visits Vienna know that nothing can be compared with their joy of life, and that is best to be seen when one of the festivals held there take place.

  1. The indifferent attitude towards coffee

Everyone who goes to Vienna know that drinking coffee at one of their Viennese fancy cafes is a must, but the locals are quite indifferent about it. That is quite contradictory also, if you come to think about all those cafes that you will come across with. It is safe to say that they are so used to it that they do not longer understand the beauty to sit in one of those classic cafes and sip one of the most favorite coffees in the world.

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