Top Travel Destinations

The world is full of many fascinating things and many exotic locations and just to list out few travel and honeymoon destinations is a pretty difficult task. This article refers to the top most popular locations based on statistics from the international travel agencies, tourist guide, traveler’s review etc. Every Travel agencies and Tourist Guide have published their travel and honeymoon resources after taking into consideration many aspects. The article is a compilation of all those resources and presenting some of the top travel destinations for 2015.

Basque Country, France and Spain

Spain and France always used to be the favorite European tourist spots, with most of the breathtaking scenery and natural beauty that one will ever witness. But the Basque Costa is an especially lovely area with amazing travel packages that can take one to the most magnificent areas of the world .The country is a cocktail of fun, sun, beauty and culture

Chiloe, Chile

Chile is a country which is rich in culture and has adventure on tap . In few years Chile has maintain it’s wonderful traditions with modernization. Chiloe is an impressive example of this mix with its aging architecture, Witches and ghost ships, traditional ghost stories and an increasing tourist market.


Italy continues to be very popular travel destination every time as per the tourist guides and travel agency surveys. It placed first as the most popular travel destination for vacation packages and tours. According to the survey report too Italy has been ranked as top honeymoon destination.


Hawaii, one of the most popular beach vacation spots for the several decades. The Big Island has all the necessary tropical delights and is not too crowded and not too expensive.


This country had plenty of things which says it’s a place you just have to visit. After many years of violence and wars, Colombia has now begun to emerge as a safe tourist destination. It has marvelous architectures and beautiful beaches for everyone.

Apart from the above destinations. the tourist guides and expert views like also includes few more destinations like Bay of Fire-Tasmania, Washington DC, Nicaragua, Waterton Lakes National Park-Alberta, Istanbul-Turkey, Iceland, Peru, Yunnan-China, Berlin-Germany , Ko Tao-Thailand, Svalbard- Norway, Saqqara- Egypt etc.

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