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Tourist Attractions in Australia

There are many tourist attractions in Australia, which will reserve a place in your hearts and minds forever. The Great Barrier Reef, Uluru – the Ayers Rock, the charming city of Sydney, the captivating Gold Coast of Queensland, the notable wildlife of Tasmania, and the national parks around Canberra and Darwin are some of the major tourist attractions in Australia. Further, there are all types of cultural and historical attractions too. However, Australia is more famous as a surfing paradise due to its thousands of miles of coastline. So, the first decision that needs to be made is which regions to explore. In this trip, I decided to explore some most famous destinations Darwin and Alice Springs both of which offer some of the top tourist attractions in Australia.

The relaxing and fun town of Alice Springs is so named after the wife of Charles Todd, Alice Todd, both of whom set the first telegraph line in 1865. I first visited the Aboriginal Desert Art Gallery among largest aboriginal art galleries housing over 50 local Aboriginal artists’ works with an exhibit of Aboriginal art. The Alice Springs Desert Park is one of the major tourist attractions in Australia, which have won many awards. Here, you will encounter plants, animals, and landscapes of the deserts as well as the history of the Aboriginal community. Know about all this via the audio-video displays. The timings are 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Bondi Beach Australia
Bondi Beach Australia

The Alice Springs Reptile Centre boasts the largest reptile collection in the Northern Territory where you can explore the varieties of reptiles including the huge perentie goannas, frilled neck lizards, prickly devils, and large and small pythons along with some most deadly snakes like inland taipans and death adders.

The Alice Springs School of the Air is the unique and most admirable one as it provides educational services to over 150 kids who reside in distant Central Australia without having to travel great distances. All thanks to its innovative techniques! The centre is a medley of history and innovation.

Located at 10 miles is the Alice Springs Telegraph Station that was the first telegraph station. This historical reserve set in 1872 aimed at sending messages between Darwin and Adelaide. One more historical landmark is the Anzac Hill that is famous for a great overview of Alice Springs, the wonderful East, and the West MacDonnell Ranges. Being of much significance to the local Aboriginal people, the hill also houses the Anzac Hill Memorial.

Now is the turn of one of the major attractions in Australia – the Uluru (Ayers Rock). This is not close to the town, but still has flourished tourism in Alice Springs. After driving for four hours on the Lasseter Highway, you see this rock famous for its challenging climb of 1200 feet to view the magnificent sunset. Regarded holy by the Aboriginal people, the rock is formed from sandstone rich in crystalline minerals, which changes the color of the rock throughout the day. In wet times, it is purple or black; while under sun, it is red or orange.

Then, I visited Darwin – the capital of the Northern Territory. Here, I first visited the Territory Wildlife Park where the local plants and animals are explored via the aquarium and Nocturnal House. Aquascene is a great natural wonder, which is the famous fish feeding land. When there is high tide, several fishes come for feeding. This is really unique in itself. The East Point Sea is another famous site for its great sunset view and as a picnic spot with friends and family. See if you can spot some wallabies.

The Australian Pearling Exhibition is where you encounter an excellent exhibition of static and audio visual displays of pearls. Get an insight to the history and future of pearls anytime between 10.00 and 17.00. The Indo Pacific Marine is a unique coral reef ecosystem to be explored with a guide either in daytime or at night.

The Kakadu National Park, a World Heritage area at 153 km, is one of the major tourist attractions in Australia full of varied topography, flora, fauna, and aboriginal artwork. The main attractions are the Twin Falls, Nourlangie Rock, Gunlom Water Hole, and Yellow Water. The Jim Jim Falls (Twin Falls) is a major gorge destination in the rainforest offering crystalline sandy beaches and thick forest.

One more must see national park is the Litchfield National Park at 85 miles. Here, expect swimming in its deep water pools, the beautiful Florence Falls, and huge termite heaps. Come with a guide here to reap the best. The Lost City is the mysterious site here as a series of stark sandstone towers appearing as the residences of an ancient civilization. This remains closed between November and April.

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