The advantages of having a villa in Ciputra Hanoi

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Some of my favorite memories growing up are centered around the annual week long Christmas vacation we used to take each year to our villa in Hanoi. I am the youngest of six children and our entire family would gather together throughout the week to share in the celebration. As our family grew with marriages and births, we eventually had to rent two villas in Ciputra. The fun times we had all together are the stories we still tell some twenty years later.

Each sister-in-law preparing her most requested dish, huge family breakfasts served buffet style and dinners that we ate in shifts to accommodate the more than twenty people who may be there at any given time. Being sacked out with my nieces and nephews in sleeping bags in front of the fire at night, playing charades and board games. For our family these were magical vacations and the villa rental worked perfectly for us. So, when considering accommodations for your next trip, especially with a large family or group, a vacation rental home can be just the ticket. The choices range from one bedroom condo, up to six bedroom homes; luxurious to simplistic. Each home is unique and offers the local flavor of the city you are visiting.

There are quite a few advantages to staying in a private villa in Ciputra. The price per person per night tends to be less than a stay at a hotel or motel since the homes can accommodate more people than a single room or suite. Even a one bedroom condominium can sleep as many as six people with pull out sofa, some of the larger homes allow for as many as twenty people. A great idea for a family reunion, renting both sides of a duplex that will offer an element of privacy with plenty of space for everyone. The ability to cook can also alleviate the expense of eating out in a restaurant for every meal with the advantage of being able to gather together for a nightly family meal to share the adventures of the day.

A vacation rental home or condo may not be the answer for everyone. For those who prefer daily maid service, fresh towels delivered to your door and having the bed made up while you are out exploring, this would not be the perfect choice. While many of the homes can be grand, if you prefer the extras such as a gym or restaurant and bar on site, this may not work for you. Another point to keep in mind is that the homes are privately owned and there is no management on site.

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